Welcome to Don Smith Signs.com!

Thanks for stopping by my website! I have been in the sign business now for more than 30 years.  Almost as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with letters. I can remember studying signs as a kid. I was never much of an artist, but I sure loved drawing letters and trying to recreate signs I had seen. In fact, my first venture into business was writing schoolmates names on the old paper book covers! I had a little paper sign taped to my desk at school advertising my business! I would get a dime or quarter or swap them for their dessert at lunch time.

The timing for my introduction into the sign trade was perfect as fas as I am concerned. I came in under the "old school" method of hand-lettering (I still treasure the Speedball text!) and layout prinicples. This was before the computer was introduced into the trade and good layout skills and letter forms were prized. One drawback to computer-generated signs is an almost total lack of layout knowledge, utilizing negative space and weight of primary and secondary copy as well as color combinations. Sadly much of today's signs are throw some red letters on a white board! It's just the times we are living in... I still enjoy seeing quality sign work, even though it is rare these days. Of course, there are time and monetary reasons that signs must be created and moved out quickly, but a good sign still takes an eye for good design, time and care.

I enjoy life with my wife of 35 years, Mary. Our daughter Carrie, Son-in-law Ryan (who is my in-house design assistant and Photoshop geek!) and especially our grandkids, Jace and Rylie! I enjoy hunting, fishing, playing bass guitar, and traveling when work will allow it!

If I can be of service for your sign needs, please don't hesitate to contact me! Blessings!